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Premium Gold Caskets

Premium Gold Caskets is the choice for the family who have a generous budget. Gold caskets are known for their luxurious feel, remarkable strength and gorgeous shiny finish. Hence, they are the most popular choice among celebrities like Michael Jackson and James Brown. 


Gold caskets are made of bronze, which is a non-ferrous metal to ensure endless durability.  The stunning and marvellous finish is from 14ct or 22ct gold plating throughout. 


The interior of gold caskets is made of the finest velvet to provide the most comfortable and elegant resting place.

Elite gold casket.jpg


This beautiful casket is a luxurious choice for your loved one. It is highly polished to a shiny gold finish, also comes with extremely soft and comfortable champagne velvet interior.

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Majesty Bronze.jpg

The Exquisite Gold Casket has subtle brush gold finish. The top lid can be opened separately from the lower half. This casket has a built-in external resting bed.  

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