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Funeral Accessories

When it comes to keeping the cherished remains of your loved one, our top-quality urns provide you with comfort and secure feelings. 

We offer a wide range of hand-crafted urns. You can either choose from our big selection of decorative urns or design it your own way using your precious images to memorize your loved one. Our urns are designed aesthetically so you could use it as an ornament in the household. It can be a thoughtful way of keeping your dearest loved one always around you. 

We also offer a full range of accessories like crucifix and cords.

newton urn.jpg


We offer the classic traditional urns. They are all hand made here in Britain from high-quality Oak wood.

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last supper urn.jpg



The featured urns are more modern looking. You can choose the desired design for your loved one, either something associate to their hobbies or some precious pictures that reflect your memories.  

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urns main pic (1).png


Truly unique premium urns made of high-grade wood. They are polished to high gloss finish and featured with exquisite decoration on the lids.


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12_ filigree crucifix gold.jpg


We offer a wide range of crucifix in different colours, shapes and sizes. You can choose the most suitable one to match the coffin. It can only be used for a burial ceremony as some parts are made from metal.

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